Electric Remote Control Boats

So why choose electric remote control boats? In the world of R/C, you essentially have two engine options - electric and fuel-based. Fuel-based engines operate on various types of gas, but most commonly nitro fuels. However, boats using fuel-based power still require electricity to operate their radio systems (receiver, servos, transmitter, etc.). By contrast, electric-based radio control boats typically utilize one battery that powers all internal workings of the boat. Both electric and nitro are great sources of radio control racing fun, but electric remote controlled boats offer some nice advantages for the experienced, and especially the beginner. The two main factors to look at are the price of the boat and the skill level required to master the boat.

Price: Electric R/C boats can cost significantly less than their gas or nitro counterparts. Although you can purchase kits that allow you to build your boat and insert your own radio equipment, most electric boats come ready-to-run with electronics already intstalled; therefore, there is little assembly or building required - just install the rechargeable battery pack and youre ready to go! In addition, the nice thing about rechargeable electric batteries is that they are very easy to use. You dont have to deal with the mess of carrying around gallons of nitro fuel, filling fuel tanks, and starting big engines. With a push of a button, the electric engine starts up. With a quick charger and some extra rechargeable batteries, you can have a long day at the lake.

Electric Remote Control Boats from RC Hobby ExplosionSkill level is also a concern when deciding whether to buy electric or nitro. The speed of the boat should always be considered as you want to get an R/C boat that fits within your skill level as a racer. As a general rule, most electric boats will be slower than nitro ones. This is changing, though, as the disparity in speed between nitro and electric is quickly disappearing with the technology behind electric motors and with rechargeable batteries advancing dramatically in the past few years.

Also consider that nitro boats are often larger and employ advanced construction design. Often, they have additional radio channels for awesome specialized custom features. These advantages are great, and most racers want to get to that level, but if youre just getting started in R/C, electric radio control boats may offer an easy to operate, easy to repair, and low-cost option.

Now if youre already an experienced racer, dont write off electric R/C boats. Thanks to the advent of new powerful electric technology, todays electric boats are available in larger scale models offering motors that can sustain lightning fast speeds. Athough many electric radio controlled boats are perfect for helping a novice master the basics, the new era of advanced electric design can give the best of both worlds for all of todays R/C boat enthusiasts. RC Hobby Explosion is your home for the coolest electric radio controlled boats from Traxxas, Venom, Kyosho, and more. Our extensive inventory of R/C boats covers every range from beginner to advanced, slow sailer to lightning fast racer!

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